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Here at Click Live, we are getting very excited about the huge variety of different workshops we can offer to you over the event. There really is something for everyone, whether you shoot in a studio or outdoors, with natural light or with flash.

Nina Mace is a successful photographer and trainer based in Surrey. She specialises in photographing families outdoors and is well known for her beautiful lighting and posing to create gorgeous heirloom images for her clients.

We have had a chat with Nina about what to expect from her workshops and what she thinks is important when you’re a location family photographer.

In your experience what are photographers’ biggest concerns about outdoor photography?

I’ve been training photographers outdoors for nearly ten years now and they tend to have similar concerns when transitioning from the studio or in home photography to outdoors. 

The biggest worry is the lack of control when it comes to lighting – Inevitably family photography takes place all throughout the day and they are most concerned about how changeable the light is.

On top of this camera settings indoors and in the studio are very different and its likely they will need to change white balance, focusing modes, and shutter speeds to guarantee all the shots are well exposed and focused. 

Finally, location scouting is always hot topic! Most photographers assume you need epic locations for outdoor photography, and don’t get me wrong whist this helps, you can still create gorgeous outdoor family portraits in smaller spaces. Some of my favourite images I have taken are on the edge of a local football pitch. 

What will you cover on your photo walk?

The great news is I plan to cover all of the above on my photo walk and have a real family for the attendees to photograph. I will cover outdoor lighting, camera settings and location scouting showing how you can create beautifully lit family portraits at any time of day in any location. 

Why should photographers offer outdoor photography as a genre?

Mastering outdoor photography gives photographers another revenue stream into their business and it means you can become your client’s photographer for life. Once your newborns are all grown up you can take the family outdoors. As they grown you can continue to photograph their family gatherings and events. Everything I share can also be applied to outdoor branding or business shoots, sports photography and even pet photography. 

What should photographers bring on the photo walk?

I would suggest they bring their main camera body, a longer lens (if they have one) and a willingness to get down on the ground to shoot so no fancy clothing 😊

What other sessions are you running at Clicklive?

Alongside the photo walk I am also running a session with Maggie Robinson where we offer our insights into how to run a successful family photography business whether you are studio or outdoors. I will cover how to attract new clients and Maggie will focus on profiting from your shoots and how to get clients to come back to you again and again. For any photographers who really want to boost their outdoor photography business I would also recommend this course. 


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Nina is an outdoor family photographer, trainer and mentor and has 12 years’ experience. Before becoming a photographer, she worked in Marketing on some of the UKs biggest brands. http://www.ninamacephotography.com/