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Maggie is the creator of the In Person Sales for Photographers 6 week immersive online course, helping professional photographers grow their average sales value by increasing wall art sales.

She is also an international speaker and educator, awarded the Best Professional Photography Training of the year by the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

Maggie also runs a busy portrait studio based in the United Kingdom.



How to Make Money From Family Photography

How to make money from family photography In this masterclass, Nina & Maggie will delve into actionable strategies to not only attract your ideal clients but also ensure they become loyal, high-spending customers who return to you year after year.
By implementing the tactics covered in this course, you’ll establish a solid foundation for sustainable business growth and long-term success.

Session 1 Nina Mace: Using SEO & Social Media to attract your ideal clients:

• Discover strategies for using social media and SEO to attract and retain clients

•Including organic and paid for advertising tips and tricks!

• Learn how to optimise your website for conversions and lead generation

Session 2 Maggie Robinson: Providing exceptional customer experience & building a gallery for top package sales.

• Understand the importance of delivering outstanding customer service and learn strategies for exceeding client expectations at every touchpoint

• Discover how to build strong relationships with your clients to foster loyalty and repeat business

• Building a gallery for a top package sales and shooting with wall art in mind,

• Includes fast family posing for variety, her go-to newborn poses for a quick shoot and edit (even if you can’t pose babies like a pro!)

Session 3: Nina & Maggie: Implementing Client Retention Strategies

• Explore effective techniques for retaining clients and encouraging repeat business

• Discover the power of personalised communication and follow-up to maintain strong client relationships


June 23, 2024 | 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm£159.55

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The vast trade show floor hosts speaker stages, where there will be world-famous photographers teaching and demonstrating throughout the event.

15 fully equipped sets for photoshoots, including backdrops, lighting, sets and models for you to use. Visit each portfolio pod and you can easily create a full portfolio of your own work!

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION - images shot in the portfolio pods can be entered into our huge competition, for the chance to win prizes worth £20,000 for the best image.



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