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Introducing Imagen AI: A New Era in Post-Production for Photographers

Imagen AI, a proud sponsor of the Click Live Expo 2024, is excited to present you with a fresh and efficient solution for photography post-production that simplifies and reimagines the photographers’ workflow. 

Created by a team of photographers and tech front runners, Imagen’s AI photo editing, culling, and cloud storage solutions are built around each photographer’s unique editing style.

Imagen software is a photographer’s assistant, not a replacement, so we use the technology to optimize and streamline your process, but you’re always keeping full creative control.

Streamline all stages of your photography post-production under the same roof and achieve consistent, high-quality results without switching between a handful of separate platforms.

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Embracing Innovation With The First AI Editing Software for Professional Photographers

By integrating AI and deep learning capabilities, Imagen analyzes your past edits and learns your preferences to create your own personal AI profile that applies your signature editing style for your catalogs in bulk. With less than 0.5s per photo, Imagen is the fastest way to cull & batch edit photos reducing your editing time by up to 96% while maintaining your unique personal editing style.

Upload your previous edits and let Imagen analyze them to create your very own Personal AI Profile that will mimic your past edits and evolve every time you fine-tune the results.

If you don’t have enough final edits to upload —  start quickly with a Lite Personal AI Profile that only requires your favorite Lightroom preset and preference selection, or simply choose from one of our pre-built Talent AI Profiles created by industry-leading photographers from around the globe, and draw inspiration from others’ work.

You can then apply it to your Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Photoshop (ACR), and Bridge (ACR) catalog in less than half a second per photo. Unlike a preset, your AI profile will recognize each photo’s individual characteristics and know what to adjust, whether it’s fixing overexposure or correcting color.

Still feel it needs some tweaking? Make your adjustments and then remember to upload your final images again, so that Imagen can remember your choices for future adjustments.

You can also duplicate your Personal AI Profile to create copies, test different variations, experiment, tweak, and refine your settings. This is another step to a more personal, tailor-made experience and accurate results for our photographers.

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Imagen’s AI Tools To Simplify & Streamline Every Step of Your Photography Workflow

Imagen’s AI-Powered Personalized Editing: Transform your editing process with an AI photo editing solution that employs smart deep learning algorithms to remember and mimic your personal editing style. Batch edit photos in under 0.5 seconds per photo, ensuring consistent, accurate, and personalized results every time.

Imagen Culling Studio: Save hours of your workflow with the new Imagen Culling Studio that will do all the heavy lifting for you. Imagen Culling Studio utilizes advanced AI algorithms for intelligent photo selection and grouping. Imagen photo culling tool detects duplicates, blinks, kisses, blurry images, and more. Forget the lengthy manual photo culling process: just review the selections, apply final touches, and send them for editing.

Imagen Cloud Storage: Effortlessly backup your galleries with Imagen Cloud Storage, a cloud-based storage solution seamlessly integrated with the Imagen suite. Rest easy knowing your precious photos are securely backed up in the background, allowing you to focus on your creative process.

Additional AI Tools: Step up your editing game with an array of tools that leverage AI to further enhance your edits, including:

These cutting-edge features allow for effortless composition enhancement, horizon correction, subject selection, and skin smoothing, providing photographers with unparalleled creative control.

Join Us as We Re-Imagen The Future Of Photography

Imagen represents a significant advancement in post-production, offering photographers a more intuitive and efficient workflow. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to shape the future of post-production and empower photographers to achieve their creative vision.

We are constantly working on improving and adding new capabilities, so follow us on socials and join our global photographers’ community on Facebook to stay up-to-date!

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