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Aftershoot: A Post-Processing AI Assistant Unlike Any Other

Aftershoot has revolutionized thousands of photographers’ culling and editing workflows, saving nearly 5 million hours, which is a little over 500 years worth of their time in 2023 alone!

That’s thousands of days of their lives given back to them – all thanks to the power of AI and a team that genuinely cares about making photographers’ lives easier.

Here’s the gist of Aftershoot’s magic:

How Aftershoot Speeds Up Culling

Aftershoots gives photographers the choice to cull however they like with two culling modes. 

Either choose a fully automated AI culling mode where the AI makes image suggestions for you OR use the AI-assisted culling mode that gives you total control while the AI only groups duplicate images for you. 

When you opt for AI-automated culling, Aftershoot will 

All that’s left for you to do is to review the AI selection and export. 

With AI-assisted Culling, Aftershoot simplifies your selection process by automatically grouping duplicates and offering image scores and key face detection, allowing you to focus on making the final selections effortlessly.

Whichever culling mode you choose, You’re always in control of your final selections and can opt to “cull in” with the My Selections feature or “cull out” by rejecting the images you don’t want to edit for final delivery to your clients. 

Faster Bulk Editing with Aftershoot

When it comes to editing, there’s no other way to say it: Aftershoot is a game-changer. The software can edit thousands of images at once within singular minutes. 

There are two ways to edit your images with Aftershoot.

  1. Create your personal AI Profile (it’s like your own preset only MUCH more intelligent and adaptive) and teach the AI how to edit images based on the adjustments you made in previous images you’ve edited.
  2. Use any of the 30+ pre-built AI Profiles, called AI Styles, from the Aftershoot Marketplace and apply them to your unedited images, also setting editing parameters to bring your desired style into play.

A standout feature of Aftershoot is its effortless export function. With the click of a button, you can export your culled and/or edited images to the editing software of your choosing or into a folder on your computer. 

You can also drag and drop individual images (or a group of images) right into editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, and more.

Bonus: If your images are already open in Lightroom Classic, you’ll see real-time changes when making adjustments in Aftershoot.

Intuitive Software That Improves Over Time

The magnificent thing about Aftershoot is that its intelligent algorithms continuously learn from your input and any changes you make to its image selections and edits.

The more you use Aftershoot, the better it becomes – more accurately reflecting your style and ultimately saving you more time.

Ready to Supercharge Your Workflow?

For everyone attending Click Live, Aftershoot will give you a 25% discount on any of their annual subscriptions. Be sure to visit the Aftershoot booth to get your coupon code.

You can also try Aftershoot FREE for 30 days and test out its unlimited culling and editing capabilities. You’ll quickly learn that the days of manual tedious culling and editing images one by one are over. 

TRY AFTERSHOOT  https://aftershoot.com/get-started/ 

Aftershoot’s 24/7 support team is highly revered and happy to assist with any questions. With an Excellent rating of 5 stars on Trustpilot and thousands of photographers from all over the world singing its praises, there’s every reason to switch to Aftershoot and take your post-processing workflow to the next level.