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Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Shyqeri Kuqi & Nora Brizuela Educator


Shoocha Photography Studio & Gallery, established in 2019, is owned and operated by Shyqeri “Shoocha” Kuqi. Joined by Nora Brizuela, Shoocha Photography specialises in a wide variety of photography styles and works diligently to capture the perfect image, all while ensuring each session includes a degree of creativity, fun, and, most of all, experience.

Whether you are searching for someone to photograph your wedding, senior portraits, corporate headshots, or any other memories, Shoocha Photography can do it all. With the goal of creating a relaxed and engaging environment, Shoocha Photography is here to ensure every customer is at their utmost comfort in front of the lens. For Shoocha, the top priority is the customers and their experience.



Forget the Niche in Order to Succeed— Building a $500K Empire in the Midst of the Pandemic from Scratch

Unlock unparalleled success in the photography industry through our transformative class. We challenge the conventional belief that focusing on a single niche is the path to triumph. Instead, our expert instructors will guide you to diversify your skills and portfolio, capturing the essence of various subjects such as landscape, portrait, wildlife, fashion, and more. By mastering a wide range of photography styles, you’ll discover limitless potential for artistic expression. But our class doesn’t stop at technical expertise. We equip you with the strategic knowledge needed to build a thriving photography business. Learn the art of marketing, branding, and client management, enabling you to develop a strong online presence, attract high-paying clients, and create compelling campaigns that stand out in a crowded market. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the extraordinary results that come from embracing versatility, with some photographers even reaching a remarkable half a million dollars in revenue within a year. Propel your photography career to new heights and enroll today

June 24, 2024 | 4:00 pm  – 7:00 pm £159.55

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The vast trade show floor hosts speaker stages, where there will be world-famous photographers teaching and demonstrating throughout the event.

15 fully equipped sets for photoshoots, including backdrops, lighting, sets and models for you to use. Visit each portfolio pod and you can easily create a full portfolio of your own work!

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION - images shot in the portfolio pods can be entered into our huge competition, for the chance to win prizes worth £20,000 for the best image.



36 Courses


Speakers 37


15 Pods


Vendors 100+

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