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Gary Hughes is a photographer, author, and educator from the Orlando, FL area. For more than a decade, Gary and his wife Julie have run Hughes Fioretti Photography, specializing in commercial portraiture for executives, actors, and models. Aside from running a studio in Orlando, FL, Gary is also in demand as a photography educator and travels often, teaching his methods to photographers all over the world. His main focus as an instructor is to empower photographers to create the type of business that sets them free to live the kind of life they want. Gary’s articles and work have been featured in Professional Photographer, Shutter Magazine, The Huffington Post, SLR Lounge, and more.

He joins us to share his world famous Gary Hughes Headshot Photography Workshop.



How to Create Powerful Headshots

What’s the point of a headshot if it doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention and not let go? In this Click Live exclusive course, learn how to light, pose, and direct powerful headshots and business portraits that look like they belong in a magazine. You will learn everything you need to know to create impactful portraits no matter who steps in front of your camera.

June 24, 2024 | 8:00 am – 11:00 am£159.55

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How to Master Tethered Shooting

How To Master Tethered Shooting

Shooting tethered can revolutionize your workflow and cut your editing time down to nothing. Learn everything you need to know to nail your images in camera, edit as you shoot, and how to avoid all the common mistakes, no matter what software you use! Perfect for portrait and commercial photographers at all levels, this course will change your photography and free you to spend less time in front of a computer and more time behind the camera.

June 24, 2024 | 4:00 pm  – 7:00 pm £106.25

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The vast trade show floor hosts speaker stages, where there will be world-famous photographers teaching and demonstrating throughout the event.

15 fully equipped sets for photoshoots, including backdrops, lighting, sets and models for you to use. Visit each portfolio pod and you can easily create a full portfolio of your own work!

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION - images shot in the portfolio pods can be entered into our huge competition, for the chance to win prizes worth £20,000 for the best image.



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