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Photographer and KelbyONE trainer Frank Doorhof teaches workshops about model photography in his studio in Emmeloord (the Netherlands) and worldwide. Often in unique places like castles, museums, and urban locations. Frank works with small flash, big flash, and LED.

He also presents at shows and exhibitions for manufacturers or shows in a live shoot how he works. Shows he presented on are such as Photokina, PhotoshopWorld, Photo Days, The Photography Show, Professional Imaging, and many more.

Frank’s teaching style is based on understanding the light and its behavior. Because if you know what light does, you can meter it and steer it to your will, always and everywhere. Which will warrant great results, even in difficult situations.

His bestseller “Mastering the Model Shoot” is translated into multiple languages including Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, and Czech. He also wrote 3 Dutch books about model photography, small flash, and how to shoot in every location.

Frank made several tutorial videos about model photography and street and travel photography.

Online Frank shares his pictures, and photography tips via social media. Monthly he and his team broadcast “The Digital Classroom”, a free, online, interactive broadcast straight from his studio with different topics but most of the time they include a live shoot with a model where Frank answers questions from the audience watching.

His YouTube channel (YouTube.com/FrankDoorhof) is full of reviews, BTS videos, tips, and explanation videos. Frank is also on other social platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MeWe.



Alternative Fashion – From Portrait to Killer Fashion Shot – Demo

Frank Doorhof: From Portrait to Killer Fashion Shot! Demo and Lecture

Frank shows you how to go from ok to wow in this interactive workshop. Not only with lighting but also by coaching your model and adding some motion.

Learn about adding colour to evoke emotion, and lens flares for extra mood, and expression. And all in the camera of course because why fake it when you can create it?

These techniques work for every photographer shooting models, families, and even products. Because if you know what light does, you can control it and make everything you want.

Topics are:

• Which modifiers are a must-have?
• Coaching the model for the right expression
• How to be creative without breaking the bank
• Metering light and colour correction
• Efficient workflow for you as the photographer and your client
• Maximise your location
• Special effects like lens flares and colour

We’ll bring the gear. You don’t need a tripod or laptop. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Mastering the Model Shoot author and KelbyONE trainer Frank Doorhof

June 23, 2024 | 8:00 am – 11:00 am£106.25

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