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Hailing from the Potteries Adam has been educating other photographers for some years now. He holds a strong knowledge of social media and marketing which has helped many other photographers to achieve better business results. All of his techniques are self-taught through his own trial and error running his photography business. He’s one of very few photographers who has found a strong foothold on TikTok which now gives him regular bookings. Organic reach is his thing so it’s tactics and strategies he teaches not how to spend £££ on ads. His open extroverted personality is his USP when it comes to attracting more wedding couples and more students for the education side of his business. His wedding photography business has gone from strength to strength over the years. His focus lies on his local wedding scene rather than targeting far-flung venues as he cherishes time spent at home with his friends and family more than the glamour of a wedding abroad which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. You’ll struggle to meet a photographer as aspirational but as down to earth as Adam.




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The vast trade show floor hosts speaker stages, where there will be world-famous photographers teaching and demonstrating throughout the event.

15 fully equipped sets for photoshoots, including backdrops, lighting, sets and models for you to use. Visit each portfolio pod and you can easily create a full portfolio of your own work!

PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR COMPETITION - images shot in the portfolio pods can be entered into our huge competition, for the chance to win prizes worth £20,000 for the best image.



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